Register for the Degrowth Summer School 2019

The registration for the 5th Degrowth Summer School from 4th to 8th of August on the "Climate Camp Leipzig" South of Leipzig is open. Register now!

From Monday (08/05) until Thursday (08/08) the courses of the Degrowth Summer School will take place in the morning (A) or afternoon (B). In these courses, a fixed group of people (20 to 30) will acquire comprehensive knowledge about a certain topic in order to critically reflect it throughout the course.

In the table below all courses are listed with their language, their maximum participants and free places. Click on a course for detailed information on the course and its facilitators in a new window. After registration you can sign up for one (!) of the courses with places available. The courses with an A take place in the morning (10:00–12:30), the courses with a B in the afternoon (15:00–17:30) from Monday until Thursday.

Please note that this registration is only for people who want to participate in a four day course as the main track of the summer school. People who just want to come to the climate camp Leipzig and participate in panel discussions and workshops of the climate camp do not have to and should not register.
But as a participant of the Summer School you also can additionally take part at workshops of the climate camp at the slots when you have no course.

Here (pdf) you'll find a provisional overview of the programme structure of the Summer School. And here you'll find the online programme of the Summer School.

By the way, you can choose the fee of the Summer School yourself, the recommended donation (without food) is 45€.